1. These protective covenants shall run with the land.

2.  "Lot" shall mean and refer to any area, tract or piece of land within the subdivision referred to above.

3.  "Dwelling" shall mean and refer to each and every single family residential unit constructed on any Lot .

4.  "Declarant" shall mean and refer to Bruce C. Laub, his successors and assigns to his interests in the Development.

5.  "Owner" shall mean and refer to the Owner and is intended to apply with equal effort whether the Owner or Owners is or are singular or plural, and, if plural, the "Owner" and the nouns, pronouns and verbs which are herein used to describe or apply to a singular Owner shall be read as if they were Plural.

6.  Except as otherwise set forth herein, Lots shall be used for Single Family Residential Dwelling purposes only.  No Single Family Ranch Residences shall have less than two thousand (2000) square feet of living space. No Single Family Two Story Residences shall have less than two thousand (2400) square feet of living space.  All of such living space being exclusive of; garage, storage area, utility rooms and utility areas.  All Lots upon which a Residence has been constructed shall have not less than a two (2) car garage.

7.  Not more than one Single Family Dwelling may be erected or constructed on any one lot, nor more than one detached building for garage or storage purposes may be erected, and provided further that no building or structure of any kind shall be erected prior to the erection of a Dwelling house.  Any such building shall have the same exterior finish as the Residence on the Premises.  No accessory or temporary building shall be used or occupied as living quarters.  No structure shall have tar paper, roll brick siding or similar material on outside walls.  No house trailers, mobile homes, modular homes, or similar structures and accessory buildings shall be erected, moved or placed upon said Premises.

8.  The Undersigned reserves the utility and other easements as are noted and/or set forth on the aforementioned Subdivision Plan.

9.  Outdoor lighting shall not shine offensively on adjacent properties or areas.

10.  The exterior of all structures shall be kept in a good state of maintenance and repair and the Premises shall be kept in a neat and orderly condition and proper landscape care be exercised.

11.  All boats, bicycles, watercraft, trailers, recreational vehicles, trucks, and vehicles other than non-commercial passenger vehicles shall be stored in buildings and shall not be stored out-of-doors.  This Restriction shall not apply to the Undersigned, their heirs and assigns or contractors during the construction process or other work being performed by such individuals in the Development.

12.  Unlicensed recreational vehicles such as dirt bikes, all terrain vehicles, three wheelers, "quads", snowmobiles or the like shall not be operated in the Development.

13.  No trash, garbage, rubbish, refuse or other waste shall be stored, or allowed to remain outside, except for the time period beginning 7 p.m. on the day prior to the scheduled refuse pick up day and ending 7 p.m. on the day scheduled for refuse pickup.  All such materials shall be lidded, rigid sealed containers (i.e. customary garbage cans).

14.  No tent, garage, accessory building, shelter or structure of any kind other than the Dwelling house upon which construction has been completed shall be used for human habitation.

15.  No nuisance shall be permitted to exist or operate upon any property which shall be detrimental to any other property or its Owners.

16.  No lots as shown on the subdivision plan shall be further subdivided or separated into smaller lots and no portion than of all such lots shall be conveyed or transferred; however, that this shall not prohibit deeds of correction of deeds or agreements to resolve boundary line disputes and similar corrective instruments.  This provision shall not prohibit the Declarant from further subdividing or reconfiguring any lot.

17.  A "satellite dish" is allowed for each lot provided that the dish is no larger than eighteen (18) inches in diameter and is located at a place that is inconspicuous, specifically in the rear of the Residence.

18.  The exterior of all buildings shall remain properly painted and all lots and shrubbery shall be properly maintained and shrubs pruned in accordance with good property management practices.

19.  There is hereby created a blanket easement upon, across, over, and through and under the property subject hereto for ingress, egress, installation, replacement, repair and maintenance of all utilities and service lines and systems including but not limited to storm sewer, water, telephone, electricity, television and the like.  By virtue of this easement it shall be expressly permissible for the Undersigned to or the providing utility or service company with the approval of the Undersigned to install and maintain facilities and equipment on said property, to excavate for such purposes and to affix and maintain wires, circuits, and conduits thereon provided such company restores disturbed areas to the condition in which they were found.  Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained in this paragraph, said easement or easements shall not prevent erection of any structure on a Lot or tract of land on the approved Subdivision Plan.

20.  Each lot, shall have installed, no later than the time the structure on the Premises is initially occupied, a post light which shall remain lit from dusk until dawn which post light shall be located in the front yard of the Premises at a location and of a type which shall be approved by and found satisfactory by the Undersigned.  Said pole light shall be consistently and continually maintained in proper working order by the respective Lot Owner.

21.  There shall not be carried on or conducted, either directly or indirectly, upon said Premises, or any part hereof, any trade or business whatsoever.  This paragraph shall not prohibit one (1) room of each residence to be used as an office.

22.  The Lot Owners shall be responsible for maintaining storm water drainage easements, swales and/or retention and detention areas within the confines of their respective Lot to the reasonable satisfaction of Township Authorities.

23.  Should it be permissible to erect a storage building (in accordance with the criteria in paragraph 7), no more than one (1) building for storage purposes may be erected on each Lot which shall be no larger than two hundred (200 square feet, not more than twelve (12) feet high (to peek of roof), and provided any such storage building is constructed of materials which are compatible aesthetically and structurally with the Residence on the Premises (including the color scheme provision in this document).  No metal structures shall be permitted.  No flat roofs shall be permitted.


24. Fences shall be permitted as follows:

A.  No fences shall be erected, placed, or maintained on any Lot nearer to any street than the front line of any building erected thereon except for corner decorative fencing.

B. Perimeter or privacy fences constructed of a wooden material such as split rail type or alternating vertical wooden board fence shall not exceed fort eight (48) inches in height.

C.  Perimeter or privacy fences may be erected of "living material" such as shrubbery including arborvitae or similar vegetation properly maintained.

D. Security fences for swimming pools may be constructed from either a wooden material or a "living material" such as arborvitae or similar properly maintained vegetation and shall not exceed sixty (60) inches in height.  

E. The Undersigned, its successors and assigns, reserve the right to approve or disapprove of other aesthetically compatible fences, notwithstanding the above, which are set forth by way of guidelines.


25.  No exterior sign or signs shall be placed on the Premises except house numbers of the usual size, the name of the occupant of the usual size or "for sale signs provided, however, that the signs for a sample house may be placed within the Subdivision during the time that the sample houses are being used as such.

26.  No automobile, or other motor vehicles which are inoperative and/or not currently registered or licensed by the appropriate governmental authorities, shall be kept upon or adjacent to the premises. No truck, tractor, truck trailer or combination thereof and no other trucks with a capacity greater than one (1) ton, shall be kept or parked upon or adjacent to the premises.  This restriction shall not apply to the Undersigned, its successors and assigns, nor to contractors, the Township, or workmen, during the construction and/or maintenance activities under the auspices or with the permission of the Undersigned, or the Township, its successors and assigns.


27.  No animals, livestock, or poultry of any kind shall be raised, bred, or kept on any Lot except that dogs, cats, or other domestic household pets may be kept but not permitted to roam unattached on the property other then that of the pet owner.  No lot shall maintain more than a total of three (3) small animals. No kennels, nor dog or animal runs, or similar structure, shall be allowed.

28.  The exterior of all buildings shall remain properly painted, and all Lots and shrubbery shall be properly maintained and shrubs properly pruned in accordance with good property management practices.  To the extent that any exterior surface capable of being seen form any point beyond the boundaries of the Lot, on which said surface is located, should be painted, or otherwise be of a color (and color design) of the Residence on said Lot, ("a conforming color") the Lot Owner shall immediately cause same to be of conforming color, unless prior written consent of Undersigned, its successors and assigns will be first obtained.

29.  Without limiting other provisions contained in this document, all Lots shall be appropriately maintained, mowed, and kept free of an accumulation of debris, at all times, including prior to the construction and occupation of the Dwelling.

30.  Any debris resulting from the destruction in whole or part of any dwelling or building on any Lot shall be removed with all reasonable dispatch from such lot to preserve the sightly condition of the subdivision.

31.  No exterior burning of leaves, debris, or other material shall be allowed.

32.  All driveways shall be paved within twelve (12) months of the occupancy of the dwelling or the completion of the dwelling, which ever shall first occur.

33.  All lawns shall be seeded and/or re-seeded as necessary to create a full blanket of grass coverage no later than one (1) year from the date of occupancy.

34.  The Lot Owner, his successors or assigns, shall complete the installation of a plant and landscaping design no later than one (1) year from the date of occupancy.

35.  Swimming pools (above ground and in ground) shall be allowed within the Development provided they are located in the rear of the Dwelling and Lot, nicely and appropriately landscaped and kept in a way to present a neat appearance.  The Declarant reserves the right to approve or disapprove the location and erection of above ground pools to assure the above ground pool is appropriate, neat and compatible with the Development.

36.  Lots shall be serviced by central/public water.  No wells shall be drilled, dug, installed or constructed on any Lot without prior Township Authority approval.

37.  No window air conditioning units shall be permitted in any Dwelling or Building.

38.  It is expressly understood and agreed that the Covenants herein set forth shall attach to and run with the land and will be binding upon the Lot Owners, their heirs, assigns, administrators and successors until December 31, 2020, at which time they shall automatically terminate.  The Undersigned reserves the right to modify in whole or part said Covenants at any time at the discretion of the undersigned, specifically, the Undersigned has the exclusive ability to make revisions to the Covenants without the consent of any third party including the Lot Owner.

39.  The right, privileges and duties which inure to the Undersigned hereunder may be exercised by any assigns or designee of the Undersigned after written approval therefore is provided by the Undersigned.  Furthermore, the Undersigned shall have the right to grant and convey all rights to enforce those Covenants, Conditions, Reservations and Restrictions at such time and as in the sole judgment of the Undersigned, its successors and assigns as appropriate.

40.  The exterior color of the Dwelling shall be natural wood tones, Williamsburg colors, brick, stone, stucco or vinyl.  The front exterior of the Dwelling shall have some masonry veneer (i.e. brick, stucco, dryvit, stone, culture stone, etc.).

41.  No unlicensed or uninspected vehicle shall be maintained, placed on or permitted to remain on premises.

42.  In the event of a breach of any provision contained herein, and, upon failure of the Lot Owner to correct such violation or breach within a period of time set forth in a certified mail notice directed to such Owner, which period of time shall not be less than ten (10) days, nor more than sixty (60) days from the date of said notice, and in the event the Undersigned, or any other third party or parties proceed with any appropriate action at law of in Equity to Enforce any of these Restrictions, etc. imposed herein then upon a finding adverse to the violating Lot Owner, such Lot Owner shall be responsible for the court costs and reasonable attorney fees incurred for the enforcing compliance with the provisions of this document.

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